Hi I’m the seaside chef; a fun loving, creative foodie and general bon vivant. I’m Acadian:

Chef Nancy

Chef Nancy

We created l’Ordre du bon temps in around 1606 or so. Loosely translated it means the Order of Good Cheer. So hey it’s in my genes to cook, to entertain and to have fun.
It doesn’t hurt that I live in a beachfront home on the Northumberland Straight in New Brunswick where we swim in the warmest salt water north of the Carolinas. Or that I am situated roughly an hour away from the provinces of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia: Maritime playgrounds both.
From a foodie perspective what this also means is that I live very near to wonderful food producers; farmers, fishers, artisanal cheese makers, wineries etc. You name it we’ve got it. Some of the best lobster, mussels, oysters, crab and fish in the world are caught just about year round somewhere right here in the Maritimes. We have some of the best beef you can get anywhere and our potatoes, blueberries and apples are outstanding. Our producers provide lamb, organic vegetables, honey, cider and more.

From the Seaside Garden

From the Seaside Garden

So this blog is about locally produced food, prepared in fun creative ways.

I love great food and I’ll share with you the inspiration, recipes and the ingredients that will make our meals outstanding.

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