Crabapple Sauce

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This week I have been busy preparing to be away for a month. One thing I like to do before I leave is put up excess produce. Last week I roasted 20 lbs of organic tomatoes and a few dozen red peppers. I also brought in all the parsley send made a great pesto with lots of garlic and organic lemon juice. So these past few days I made up pear crisps featuring dried cranberries, freshly grated nutmeg and almond slices. I like to use a mixture of brown sugar and white sugar both in the fruit and in the topping. It gives a deeper, richer caramel twist to the fruit. It was really good slightly warmed up -no ice cream required but – hey it wouldn’t hurt. I had to hurry to freeze it in small containers for my family to enjoy while I am away before it all got eaten. My last project was a nice homey crabapple sauce. I bought the crabapples on Canadian Thanksgiving so it was time to do something with them. You can see the pictures on my post about apple picking. I bought the crabapples for nostalgic reasons. My mom used to make wonderful crabapple sauce in the early fall. She seemed to find nicer smaller apples than these but the taste is just as I remembered!

Recipe Crabapple Sauce

Nancy's Crabapple Sauce

Nancy’s Crabapple Sauce


3 liters or 3 lbs of crab apples

6 cups of water

3 cups white sugar

1Tbs of cinnamon

1 tsp grated nutmeg


Wash crab apples and remove blossom end, leaving stems and peel intact. Place in large heavy bottomed saucepan on stove.

Add in 6 cups of water and 3 cups of sugar.

Cook uncovered for 20 minutes at medium heat, stirring gently from time to time. Peel should remain intact but will soften and detach slightly from most of the fruit giving out some of the pulp. At the end of the cooking you will seem to have a syrup and apples, however after you have stirred a little longer and gently prodded the fruit … Voilà -applesauce.

Ladle into sterilized jars adding 1Tbs of organic lemon juice per 500 ml or two cups jar. I did not process in a hot bath because we will use it quickly. If you wish to process 15minutes should suffice. Yields 10 cups of crabapple sauce. Serve straight up or on toast. It’s a great way to start the day!

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I'm passionate about food. I'm keenly interested in new techniques and ingredients. I care about how food is produced and where I shop. I'm committed to co-operatives because of their grassroots impact on communities.
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