Meal In the Field

Chef  Anna Olson with two foodie fans

Chef Anna Olson with two foodie fans

It’s apple season and all the local U-picks are open.  Our family likes to pick on Thanksgiving weekend.  Canadian Thanksgiving is October 14th – so a week from tomorrow.

I got a head start on apple season this year by participating in the Applelicious Festival on the September 13 th weekend On P.E.I.  A very special activity was a dinner hosted by Chefs Anna and Michael Olson held at Arlington Orchards.

The venue was a beautifully decorated tent and the live music was a great mixture of jazz, folk and bluegrass but the show stopper was definitely the food.  Appetizers of fresh malpeque oysters served with a variety of mignonettes and local hard ciders were a great way to start the evening. Both chefs were available for photos and book signing.  I may have picked up à couple of cookbooks myself. See photo this post.

There was a live demonstration of potato pancakes served with smoked salmon and crème fraîche.  That was our delicious starter. The potato pancakes were a real revelation. They were much lighter than expected. The salad course featured chowder cakes; an interesting salty, crunchy counterpoint to the crabapple dressing.

The main course featured pork loin with an apple dressing as well as potatoes au gratin with award winning Avonlea Cheddar.  Two desserts were served; apple pie and gingerbread with caramel sauce.  chef Anna gave great tips on improving apple Pies.  Some of her tips:

Include three types of apples in your pie one for tartness, one for sweetness and one for crunch.

Add oatmeal sprinkled on your bottom crust to absorb liquid.

Mix brown sugar and white sugar in your pie for added depth.

It was a fun, well organised event and a great start to apple season. Happy baking. Tomorrow I will post an apple crostata recipe.


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I'm passionate about food. I'm keenly interested in new techniques and ingredients. I care about how food is produced and where I shop. I'm committed to co-operatives because of their grassroots impact on communities.
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