Garden Fresh Tomato Meat Sauce

Everybody has their favorite.  Mine today featured tomatoes from my garden, both fresh and canned.  I also grated in some fresh nutmeg that I picked up on a trip to the Caribbean.  I’m not saying these are fresher but it does feel kind of special using something that I brought back from a country where they are grown.


1 lb extra lean hamburger

garden Fresh Tomato-meat sauce

Garden Fresh Tomato-meat sauce

1 lb mild italian sausage

1 cup diced onion

2  cups diced celery

1 can diced organic tomatoes -28 oz

2 bottles of home made canned garden tomatoes in their juice – 4 cups total

4 good sized tomatoes – stem removed and chopped

1/4 tsp hot dried pepper flakes – I get mine from a nice Italian man who bottles this spice and gives the bottles out to friends.

2 Tbs dried Italian seasoning

1  Tbs dried basil

2 tsp chili powder

2 Bay leaves

one whole nutmeg grated


Brown meat in heavy saucepan

Add onions and celery cook until translucent

Add tomatoes and spices

Simmer for two hours. Taste adjust seasonings adding salt and pepper to taste.

About seasidechef

I'm passionate about food. I'm keenly interested in new techniques and ingredients. I care about how food is produced and where I shop. I'm committed to co-operatives because of their grassroots impact on communities.
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2 Responses to Garden Fresh Tomato Meat Sauce

  1. Denise LeGresley says:

    Very interesting recipe, I will try this. Denise LeGresley

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