Cooking up Thai Dishes

So today I put up two kinds of chutney and a conserve.  These were all from Anna Olson’s ; In the Kitchen with Anna.  They all turned out really well and used up most of the stone fruit I had bought in the past few days.  I don’t know about you but when fruit starts selling by the basket I get pretty excited about buying. Canning did consume a good part of my afternoon so I didn’t have much of plan for supper tonight.  

I did have all of the ingredients for a few of Chef Ilona Daniel’s Thaï dishes from the Taste of Asia bootcamp I attended earlier this week.  So I made the Thai Mango Salad and the Mussels Steamed in a Thai Curry and Coconut Cream and that folks made for a pretty tasty supper.  If you click under Recipes you may just find out how to make them yourself.  The Mango salad was particularly tasty. It had a great balance of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and hot. It came together quickly in one bowl and only needed a half hour of refrigeration.



About seasidechef

I'm passionate about food. I'm keenly interested in new techniques and ingredients. I care about how food is produced and where I shop. I'm committed to co-operatives because of their grassroots impact on communities.
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